Bridgestone to Build a New Passenger Car Tire Plant in Vietnam
Date: 11/17/2011 3:33:34 PM

According to Bridgestone (Tokyo – Nov 11th  2011),  with the growth of  global demand for Passenger cars (PSC). Bridgestone decided to build a new plant in Vietnam that will produce radial tires for passenger cars and and the total investment in the plant will be approximately ¥35.5 billion. The new plant will serve as an export base for replacement tires sold in the European, North American, and Japanese markets, primarily supplying PSRs for general with capacity of approximately 24,700 tires per day and start to operation in the first half of 2014.The Dinh Vu Industrial park in Hai Phong City, Vietnam was chosen as the site of the new plant.

(Source: Bridgestone News)  
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