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Quang Ngai Province Industrial Parks

    Quang Ngai is a coastal province located in central key economic zone of the South Central Coast in Vietnam, Dung Quat Economic Zone is “the heart" with the oil refineries and other heavy industrial projects leading the country scale.

  Natural Conditions

Geographical location: 

 Located in the middle of the country, Quang Ngai to Hanoi 883 kilometers to the South and Ho Chi Minh City 838 km to the North.

Adjacent to the provinces:

       + Quang Nam province in the North.

       + Binh Dinh in the South.

       + East sea in the East.

       + Kon Tum province in the West.



    5.137,6 km²



The average population: 1.216.773 people (2009)


Labor force: about 711.228 people (2009)




 Quang Ngai has a tropical monsoon climate.

Climate has two seasons: Rainy season and Dry season.

The average temperature: 25 – 26.9 0C.



Quang Ngai province is in Central Central Coast with the common characteristics of the mountain to the sea encroachment, topographic terrain transition from coastal plains in the East to the mountainous terrain in the West.


  Transport infrastructures





1.    Road traffic:

- National Road 1A: runs through the province 98km.
- National Road 24A: Connecting National Road 1A (through Thach Tru, Mo Duc district, Quang Ngai province) with KonTum 69km and National Road 24B 18km.
- Provincial Road: Includes 18 routes with a total length of 520.5 km.





2.     Railway:

Northern – Southern railway line: running the length of the province.




3.    Air:

Chu Lai Airport (Quang Nam Province) 35 km from Quang Ngai City, Dung Quat Economic Zone 4km to the North.




4.    Waterway:

Dung Quat deep-water seaport: with airtight advantage, how international maritime routes 90km, 30km inland sea routes and a depth of 10-19m, Dung Quat port was designed with multi-functional port system consists of:
   + Oil and Gas Terminal with cargo throughput of 6.1 million tons / year and the construction of 01 buoys to import crude oil for ships with a tonnage of 80,000 tons to 110,000 tons in the Gulf of Viet Thanh; port professional association with the United Shipbuilding industrial Park, Factory steel construction and heavy industry factory.
   + Combined Port is divided into two subdivisions: Integrated 1 port  is behind Petroleum Terminal, ensures that ships with a tonnage of 5,000 tons - 50,000 tons; Integrated 2 port  in the South of Dung Quat Bay, by the left Dap river.
   + Specialized Port in association with United Shipbuilding Industrial Park, Factory Steel construction and heavy industry factory.
   + Trading Port  for bonded zone and 01 international container transshipment port located in the middle of Specialized and Integrated Port to catch ships from 10 to 15 thousand DWT.
   + Dung Quat port is invested and constructed to ensure the cargo volume by about 20 million tons / year in 2010 and about 34 million tons / year in 2020, currently it operates a general wharf for ships 1.5 thousand DWT.



  Economic situations

    Quang Ngai is a province located in the central key economic zone. Dung Quat economic zone so far in 2010 has attracted investment of over U.S. $ 10.6 billion, with 112 investment projects licensed, registered capital of 125 600 billion. Dung Quat oil refinery operations and products.

    In the 5-year period (2006-2010), each year growth rate of more than 53%, accounting for 55.3% of industrial in Quang Ngai economy. In 2009 revenue of Quang Ngai above 4258 billion, is one of 10 provinces and cities has the high budget in Vietnam. Per Capita Income of nearly 14 million VND / person / year.


  Contact and Links

Department of Planning and Investment

Address: 96 Nguyen Nghiem, Quang Ngai City.

Phone: (055) 3822868

Fax: (055) 3825701




Department of Natural Resources - Environment

Address: 163 Hung Vuong, Quang Ngai City.

Phone: 055 822870

Fax: 055 822870 

Email :​​



Management of IP

Address: 25 Hung Vuong, Quang Ngai City. 

Phone: 84 055 3 828 514

Fax: 84 055 3 828 514




People's Committee of Long An Province

Address: 52 Hung Vuong, Quang Ngai City.

Phone: (055) 3822855

Fax: (059) 3824711 


Website: http:// 



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Quang Ngai Province IP
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