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Long An  Industrial Parks

The geographical location is quite special: in spite of located in the Mekong Delta region, Long An province belongs to Southern Key Economic Zone.

    - Having boundary with Cambodia: 137.7 km, two gates Binh Hiep (Moc Hoa) and Tho Mo (Duc Hue).

    - As the gateway linking the South East with the Mekong Delta, especially shares boundaries with TP. Ho Chi Minh City by road transport systems such as: the National Highway 1A and Highway 50. . . the provincial road: DT.823, DT.824, DT.825 . . .

    - Regional and national waterway has been upgraded, expanded, new construction, new dynamics and opportunities for development.

    - In addition, Long An also enjoys water of the two systems Mekong and Dong Nai.

 The location is nearby Ho Chi Minh City and increasingly relationship with Southern Key Economic Zone. In recent years, Long An has provided 50% of the country's industrial output and is the investment partners, technology transfer, also is the largest agricultural commodity markets of the Mekong Delta.

  Function and Duty
- Preparing the charter for management of the IP based on the standard charter promulgated by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) for submission to the provincial people's committee for approval.
- Organizing building & management of the implementation of detailed plans, construction and development schedules for the IP, including master plans for development of infrastructure works & plans for arrangement of industries
- Participating in the development of the relevant infrastructure works outside the IPs and the zoning of residential areas for workers and employees in the IP.
- Speeding up & inspecting the construction of relevant infrastructure works inside and outside the IPs to ensure that they are constructed and put into operation synchronously in accordance with the approved plan and schedule.
- Supporting promotion of investment into the IPs
- Receiving investment applications attached to investment project files & organizing the appraisal and issuance of investment licenses for foreign investment projects as authorized.
- Granting, adjusting and revoking certificates within the scope of authorization or as authorized; Issuing, adjusting and revoking licenses as authorized
- Checking and inspecting the implementation of investment licenses, product processing contracts, business contracts and economic disputes as requested by claimants
- Coordinating with State administrative agencies in charge of labor in the examination and inspection of regulations concerning labor contracts, collective labor agreements, labor safety and wages
- Making an agreement with the IP infrastructure developing companies on fixing rental for sub-leasing of land attached to constructed infrastructure works and charges for services in accordance with the current policies and law.
- Managing service activities in the IPs


  Contact and links

Department of Planning and Investment

Address: 61 Truong Dinh, Ward 1, Tan An town, Long An province.

Director: Nguyen Minh Ha

Phone: (072). 3823461 - 3837383



Department of Natural Resources - Environment

Address: 137 Highway 1A - Tan An town, Long An province.

Director: Nguyen Van Be

Phone: (072) 3826260

Fax: (072) 3823264



Management of IP

Address: 65B - Chau Van Giac - Ward 2 -Tan An - Long An.

Chairman: Phan Thanh Phi

Phone: (072) 3 825 446

Fax: (072) 3 825 442

Email: [email protected]



People's Committee of Long An Province

Address: 61 Nguyen Hue Street, Ward 1, Tan An City, Long An

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (072) 3 823 810


  Natural conditions





Nature: 4491.221 km2 (accounting for 1.3% of the country and by 8.74% of the area of the Mekong Delta.)


 Population: 1,448,000 (as of 2010).

Labor force: 976,000 (2010)





-       Long An Province is located in the characterized  tropical climate by equatorial monsoon -> rich humid heat, abundant sunshine, long time radiation, amplitude of diurnal temperature between the months is low, moderate.

-       Average temperature: 27.2 -27.7 oC.


          - Topography of Long An is divided by interlaced rivers and canals system with a total length of up to 8912 km, Vam Co Dong river and Vam Co Tay river is combined to Vam Co river, ... the largest of which is the Vam Co Dong River flows through Long An.

         - Along the border in Long An, which has five gates, including:

             My Qui Tay gate - Duc Hue

             Binh Hiep (Pray-Vo) gate - Moc Hoa

            Vam Don gate - Vinh Hung

            Channel 28 gate - Vinh Hung

             My Quy Tay (Xom-Rong).

         - In addition, there are five points of exchange of goods, such as Voi Dinh, Soc Rinh (Duc Hue), Ta Lot ( Moc Hoa), Rach Chanh, Tau Nu, Cay Tram Do (Vinh Hung).

  Transport infrastructures

               Long An is the gateway linking the South East with the Mekong Delta, a common boundary with the Ho Chi Minh City. The linking provincial transportation systems are quite complete, including roads and waterways.

      Road Traffic:

• The National Highway: National Highway 1A, Highway 62, Highway 50, Highway N1, N2 routes, the Ho Chi Minh highway in Ho Chi Minh City - Trung Luong.

• The provincial roads: Provincial Highway 7, Provincial Highway 8, Provincial Highway 22, Highway 821, Provincial Highway 822, Provincial Highway 823, Provincial Highway 824, Provincial Highway 825, Provincial Highway 826, Provincial Highway 827, Provincial Highway 828, provincial Highway 829, provincial Highway 831, provincial Highway 833, provincial Highway 835, provincial Highway 836, provincial Highway 837, provincial Road 838 and provincial road 839.


• The waterway routes: Vam Co Dong and Vam Co Tay rivers, Rach Cat river (Can Giuoc river).


• The important waterways: Ho Chi Minh City - Kien Luong; Ho Chi Minh City - Ca Mau; Ho Chi Minh City - Tay Ninh and Long An is via Nuoc Man canal, Rach Cat river, Vam Co Dong river.

        The water transports above 100 tons could follow the canal as Phuoc Xuyen, Duong Van Duong, Tra Cu, Kinh Xang, Ben Luc river, Rach Cat river, Thu Thua canal ... from the West to the Ho Chi Minh City.



    * Strategic location:

              Long An to Tan Son Nhat airport  about 1 hour by car, has 4 highway, 2 freeway through the province,has Binh Hiep international border, My Phu Tay national gate and 3 side-gate  , port capable of receiving vessels of 70,000 DWT in the Soai Rap  and many river port for 6000-10000 DWT.  Currently Long An has 23 industrial parks and 43 industrial and 50 residential urban areas over 15,000 ha.


  Economic situations

    Gross domestic product in province (GDP) growth of 9.9% (previous year 11.7%)

    • Region I (agriculture, forestry and fisheries) increased by 3.3%, contributing 1.2 percentage points.

     • Region II (industry and construction) increased by 14.9%, contributing 5.8 percentage points.

     • Region III (trade and services) increased by 11.4%, contributing 2.9 percentage points.

       (According to data the first 9 months of 2012 and forecasts of the Bureau of Statistics of Long An province).

    The province has 35 industrial parks with a total area over 10,940.7 hectares, of which 22 were in operation with a total the area over 5.753ha. In addition, the province has 40 industrial parks with a total planning area of 4428.24 ha, of which 9 industrial went into operation, a total area of ​​723.73 hectares.

     Extensive experience in administrative reform, especially simple administrative procedures, improve competitiveness.

    In recent years, Long An province is always in the top 10 on the index of competition and foreign investment (FDI).

     Some projects are implemented:

        • Project the Ben Luc - Long Thanh passed through Long An.

        • Project Nam Long-Vam Co Dong wide 355ha in Ben Luc District (Long An).

        • Project Five Star by Five Star International Group investment.

        • Project Happy Land (Vietnam complex entertainment) by Khang Thong Group investment.



Long An  IP
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