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Dong Nai Province Industrial Parks
Management Board Introduction
DONGNAI INDUSTRIAL ZONE AUTHORITY – DIZA located in Bien Hoa I Industrial Park, established as a government agency who is responsible for granting an investment license and investment promotion into Dong Nai Province and implementing administration of about 23 IPs in the province.
  Function and Duty
-  Planning and building Industrial Parks in the province
-  Organizing and managing the implementation of detailed plan, construction timetable, development of Industrial Zones, including: the plan of the development of infrastructure works, the plan of the arrangement of business lines, related infrastructure works outside the IP and residential areas for laborers working in IP.
-  Supervising and checking the building of related infrastructure works inside and outside the IP, ensuring that they are built and put into operation in accordance with approved plan and schedule.
Implementing registration of investment: Investigation and issuance, amendment, revoking investment certificates to the projects invested in the IPs and the projects of development infrastructure of IP in accordance with national general plan of development IP, EPZ approved by the Prime Minister in IZ. Issuance Asean Certificate of Origin - form D.
-  Issuance and Extension of work permit for foreigners
-  Implementing confirmation of transaction related to land and assets associated to land.
 Investment Promotion into Industrial Parks
-  Inspection Supervision Examination, supervision, inspection of implementation of investment goal stipulated at investment certificate, progress of capital contribution and implantation of the investment project.

- Co-ordination to state agencies to implement supervision, inspection of execution laws on labor, wages, finance, statistics, presentation and fire, security, safety in foodstuff hygiene, environment protection related to the projects in IPs

  Organizational Structure

  Contact and links
Address      : No. 26, Street 2A, Bien Hoa II Industrial Park, Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai Province
DID: +8461.3892378/ 3993221
Fax            : +8461.3892379
Email         : [email protected]
Website      :
Mr. Vo Thanh Lap (Chairman)
Office DID: +8461.3892910
Mr. Nguyen Manh Van (Standing Vice Chairman)
DID: +8461.3892380
Hp: +84903.631820
Ms. Nguyen Phuong Lan (Vice Chairman)
DID: +8461.3892376
Hp.: +84908.391931
Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh (Vice Chairman)
DID: +8461.3892377
Hp.: +84918.058062

Email : [email protected]

Dong Nai Province IP
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