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Long An  Industrial Parks
List projects calling invesment


1.    Provincial Road 830 (National Road 1A, National Road N2) (Stage 1).

2.    Upgrade Provincial Road 825.

3.    Upgrade, expand Provincial Road 823.

4.    Road hamlet 3, Long Hau.

Gate Economic Zones:

5.    Long An Gate Economic Zone.

6.    Binh Hiep Gate.

7.    My Quy Tay Gate.

  Water Supply:

8.    Tan Kim Water Factory.

9.    Phuoc Vinh Dong Water Factory.

10.  Moc Hoa Water Supply Factory.

11.  Thuan My Pure Water Project.

Waste and wastewater:

12. Stormwater drainage systems and waste water treatment systems Tan An City.

13. Sewerage system and wastewater treatment Ben Luc town.

14. Sewerage system and wastewater treatment Duc Hoa town.

15. Sewerage system and wastewater treatment Moc Hoa.

16. Concentrated solid waste disposal Can Giuoc Area.

17. Regional solid waste treatment Moc Hoa Area.

18. Solid waste disposal sites, Duc Hoa district.

19. Solid waste treatment Luong Binh Area.

 Industrial Parks, Industrial Clusters, Residential Infrastructure:

20. Long An Administrative Region.

21. Industrial Cluster, Handicraft Vinh Hung district.

22. Bac Dong Industrial Cluster.

23. Residential and My An Market.

24. Thu Thua Residential Administrative Center.

 Vocational, Education:

25. Ben Luc Vocational Secondary School.


26. Tan Lap Eco-Tourism.

27. Forest Park Youth.




Long An  IP
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