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Developer V.R.G Long Thanh Development & Investment JSC
Location Located at Long An, Loc An and Binh Son wards, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province, location in corridor of National route 51
Area Total area 497.77 ha
First stage 0 ha
Second stage 0 ha
Industrial Land 0 ha
Factory Land 0 ha
Vacant Land 497.77 ha
Time Of Operation 02/11/2010
Total Current Investors
ISO Application
Strategic Location: Located at Long An, Loc An and Binh Son wards, Long Thanh district, Dong Nai province, location in corridor of National route 51. - The North near by ĐT 769 (internal road No.10) Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway and one part near by internal road No.25 to Dau Giay. - The South land in crop (separate distance HCMC - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway). - The East near by Binh Son Urban - The West is Loc An residential quarter.
Road To Ho Chi Minh City km km km
To township km km km
Others Bien Hoa City 25 km
Railway To nearest railway station
Airway To Son Nhat International airport km km km
To Long Thanh international airport km km km
Other Transportation System
Geology Condition - Topography at the fairy high area. - Land characteristic: hard structure and stone, advantages for construction factory
Roads Main road system Asphaltic concrete roads with loading capacity from 10 to 12 tons, including: - Main road: + type 1: width of road 39m + type 2: width of road 36m
Internal road system - Internal road: + type 1: width of road 28m + type 2: width of road 24m
Power Supply The national grid Electricity source is supplied by 220/110KV Long Thanh transformer station and National grid ensuring that supply 22 KV electricity source 24/24 hours to the fence of factories.
Standby power plant
Water Supply Clean water is supplied by Nhon Trach - Thien Tan water plant with capacity is 100.000 m3/day ensuring that supply water 24/24 hours to the fence of factories.
Sewage Treatment Plant We have waste water treatment factory for all the factories in IZ with the capacity 9.200 m3/day, reach to standard TCVN 5945-2005 colum A.
Internet Information system ensure communicating in country and International easily, including telephone, mobile phone, fax, internet,... time for supply this service from 7-10 days
Land Leasing price 50 USD
Leasing term 02/12/2060
Other information A
Payment method "Payment methods:
- One time payment for whole duration;
- Annual payment;
- Installment payment in 5 years."

Minimum plot area 0.91ha
Factory Leasing price 0 USD
Leasing term
Payment method
Scale of factory
Factory for sale 0 USD
Other information
Management fee Management fee 0 USD
Payment method
Electricity Price Peak time 0 VND
Normal hour 0 VND
Off peak time 0 VND
Other information
Payment method manual payment
Water Price Price of industrial water supply (m3) 6500 VND
Other information
Payment method
Sewage Treatment Fee Fee of sewage treatment (m3) 0.32 USD
Method of counting the volume (Wastewater volume to be charged is calculated by 80% of the clean water used in month)
Payment method
Standard of input treatment B
Standard of output treatment A
Other Fee Expectation of waste water treatment price: 0,28 USD/m3
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Biz Office Add: #48 Road No 11, Quarter 6, Hiệp Binh Chánh Ward, Thủ Đức, HCMC - Vietnam
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