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Developer Long Thanh SONADEZI Joint - Stock Company
Location Tam An Commune, Long Thanh Dist., Dong Nai Province
Area Total area 488 ha
First stage 0 ha
Second stage 0 ha
Industrial Land 303.35 ha
Factory Land 4.1 ha
Vacant Land 96.41 ha
Time Of Operation 2003
Total Current Investors
ISO Application
Strategic Location:

(1) Cities :

-          Ho Chi Minh city : 45 km (will be 23 km from 2014)

-          Bien Hoa city : 15 km

-          Vung Tau city : 50 km

(2) Highways / Expressway :

-          Adjacent to highway No. 51

-          3 km to Highway HCM City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay (which goes in to operation by the end of 2013)

(3) Ports:

-          35 km to Phu My Deep Water Port

-          75 km to Vung Tau Sea Port

-          45 km to Cai Mep, Thi Vai

-          45 km to Saigon New port, Cat Lai

(4) Railways:

-          15 km to Bien Hoa Railway Station

-          30 km to Song Than Railway Station

(5) Airports:

-          45 km to Tan Son Nhat Airport (will be 23 km from 2014)

11 km to Long Thanh Int’l Airport (of which the first phase will go into operation by the end of 2020)

Road To Ho Chi Minh City 44 km km km
To township 15 km km km
Others Thu Dau Mot Township 50 km
Railway To nearest railway station From Bien Hoa Railway Station of Dong Nai Province 15 km
Airway To Son Nhat International airport 44 km km km
To Long Thanh international airport km km km
Other Transportation System  + Phu My Port: 35 km
 + Go Dau Port: 23 km
 + Vung Tau Port: 63 km
Geology Condition

+ Hard soil

Roads Main road system

+ Width: 31m

+ Number of lanes: 4 lanes

Internal road system

+ Width: 24m

+ Number of lanes: 2 lanes

Power Supply The national grid

+ Power line: 110V/22KV

 + Capacity: 2 x 63 MVA

Standby power plant

+ N/A

Water Supply

 + Maximum Capacity:  20,000 m3/day

Sewage Treatment Plant

+ Max capacity: 15.000 m3/day


+ ADSL 2 Mbps


+ IDD 3750 lines

Land Leasing price 90 USD
Leasing term 31/12/2053
Other information Level A
Payment method One-time payment (10 days after signing land leasing contract)
- Selling price (do not including VAT): 70USD/m2, area: 16.893m2
Minimum plot area 7400 m2
Factory Leasing price 4 USD
Leasing term 5 years
Payment method Quarterly
Scale of factory >2000 m2
Deposit 6 months
Factory for sale 0 USD
Other information Not inclusive of VAT
Management fee Management fee 1 USD
Payment method Yearly
Electricity Price Peak time 1830 VND
Normal hour 920 VND
Off peak time 510 VND
Other information Above prices exclude VAT
Payment method Monthly
Water Price Price of industrial water supply (m3) 4820 VND
Other information Above prices exclude VAT
Payment method Monthly
Sewage Treatment Fee Fee of sewage treatment (m3) 0.32 USD
Method of counting the volume Equal to 80% quanlity of clean water
Payment method Monthly
Standard of input treatment Level B
Standard of output treatment Level A
Other Fee + The above price is not including VAT
+ Sewage Treatment Fee is adjusted to adapt processing of waste concentration.
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