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Viet Nam Industrial Parks Investment Promotion (VIIPIP) has established in its efforts to promote the international cooperation between Vietnam and other nations. Our mission is bridging industrial park developers to foreign and domestic investors and vice versus. VIIPIP has luckily owned a board of experts and advisors who deeply experiences in industrial parks and export processing zones’ activities as well as investment promotion in Vietnam.


     Agency Service
VIIPIP has professionally played its role as a senior consultant in developer’s image popularization of the developers to foreign and domestic investor via its channel of relationship with government body and business communities. VIIPIP is selecting the potential clients appropriate to industrial parks and export processing zones’ development orientation.
We are pleased to play as a marketing agency or a broker with full range of service supporting the investors in selecting location.
    Strategic Development Consultancy Service
VIIPIP provides consultancy service accompanying with developer’s business development strategy under the purpose of making the investment more effectively. Furthermore, we also assist our clients in building development plan for their services and planning financial budged for service activities.
     Management Service
We are providing most effective management practices in industrial parks and export processing zones to maximize its turnover.
VIIPIP gives our advices on principles of management and services such as environment management, waste management, IPs and EPs security management, land and factory price assessment, building public utility fee and price structure, etc.
     Design Optimization
We have experienced on working with many IPs and EPs developer in giving our hand-ons consultancy on design and management. Our outstanding architects and talented engineers might show the better solution in designing the IPS and EPs in combination with management team simultaneously aiming a visible target: Cut cost – Increase revenue
     Consultancy on Construction and Development of the Project
Our valued advices have reached to the developers in their development progress of Industrial Parks and EPs in Vietnam. Our experts are conducting preliminary studies and market surveys so that our clients, the developers, can make a selection appropriate to their capacity.
VIIPIP provide professional services for foreign investor considering Vietnam as a potential investment destination. Investors can get quickly and informative advices in their specific interest.
We are ready to support:


Via WWW.VIIPIP.COM, we believe you are saving your precious time and reduce your travelling costs and off-course optimizing your schedule in a limited period. You will easily get:
- List of industrial properties in Vietnam Southern key economic zones (1st stage of our project) and then in entirely Vietnam (in our 2nd stage)
- Technical information of specific industrial properties includes current map, land distribution, price of land/factory lease, technical figures of electricity-water supplies-sewage-traffic-etc.

Furthermore, you might get the information of leasing terms which the developers will agree in advance due to our closed connection as their marketing and management agency.

Our approach in tenant representation projects covers the following key tasks:
  1. Bringing to you innovative solutions.
  2. A short list of selection given to you, arrange appointments and accompany you on inspections.
  3. Tour design and organization for Industrial properties visits (Appointment arrangement with competent authorities and industrial properties’ developer , Hotel/car bookings, interpretation, etc.)
  4. Assessment of what type of property best suits your needs taking into account all the important issues such as price, location, space, your competitors, your staff preferences, your image, etc.
  5. Market survey, analysis and market forecast on industrial properties in Vietnam Key Economic Zones
  6. Review of the entire market, explaining all conditions and bring to you a suitable selection of industrial properties.
  7. Preliminary and feasible investment project study
  8. Negotiation with developer of IPs and EPs, financial comparisons. Explaining terms and conditions of land/factory leases and negotiate for changes.
  9. Conclusion of negotiations for the selected premises, encompassing price and terms and conditions.
  10. Analyzing the cost-benefits of renewal vs relocation;
  11. Lease Renewals and Payment selection (We advise on market rental values and appropriate lease terms. Our on-the-ground knowledge of Vietnam industrial properties ensures that we negotiate the most favorable terms. We advise tenants on the contents of leases ensuring that the tenant is adequately protected and yet achieves flexibility in his lease.)
  12. Fully reporting to client needs.
VIIPIP.COM will satisfy your diversified needs in our best ability. Please feel free to contact us for further needs and comments:
Customer Service Department
DID: (+84) 8 3507 9327         –        Fax: (+84) 8 3911 1453 


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