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Geology condition

Providing investors with clean plan which was leveled in sync with the system infrastructure to facilitate investors to invest and build factories.

Main road system

Continuity and stability Power is taken from the 110 KV high voltage line passing through the fence BimSonIndustrial Park.
- Medium voltage network is modern  and synchronization investment, running along the roads, providing electricity to the fences of the enterprises. Enterprises Self-invest and build low-voltage stations, depending on power consumption.

Internal road system

 - The system of internal roads are designed to synchronize and modernize that make transportation to each plot of Industrial Park easier and more convenient.

- The wide of main road system is 32,5 m; the wide of loop is 26,5 m,

- Lighting System is installed along routes

Power supply
The National grid
Standby power plant
Water supply

- Stable supply from Bim Son Water Supply Plant with a capacity of 7000 m3/day.

- Water supply system is connected to the wall fences of each enterprises.

Rainwater drainage system and waste water (sewage and industrial wastewater) are built separately. Rainwater is collected through the drain system, sewer and drainage into the outlet in the region. Waste water is collected on Plant for treating waste water of Industrial Park.

Sewage treatment plant

The entire industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater is treated to meet the standards before being discharged into sewage system of industrial general. After that, the Industrial Park’s Plant for treating waste water will continue processing standards prescribed by the Government of Vietnam.

Solid waste from the factory in the Industrial Park will be sorted, collected and transported to centralized processing sites of Bim Son town.


 Optical submarine cable system is connected directly to the wall fence each enterprise.

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