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Hải Sơn Industrial Park
INVESTOR: Công ty TNHH Hải Sơn

Address: Ấp Bình Tiền 2, xã Đức Hòa Hạ, huyện Đức Hòa, tỉnh Long An

Phone: 0723761656

Fax: 0723762907

Email: [email protected]


Total area
0 ha
Industrial land
0 ha
Factory land
0 ha
Vacant land
0 ha
Time of Operation

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About Hải Sơn Industrial Park

Long An is located in a tropical monsoon and equatorial area with stable and high temperature background around the year and it has two distinctive rainy and sunny seasons but Duc Hoa dst. is affected by monsoons with more rains. Annual average temperature: 27.7 degrees Celsius

- Delta sediment, descends from west to east.
- Land height: 2.5 m
- The ability of the soil load: RTC = 55.1 kPa
- Underground water level: 200m above the ground.
- A stable level surface cracks: stability


- To National Highway 1A 11km
- 17 km to the center of Ho Chi Minh City
- 25 km to Tan Son Nhat International Airport
- 3 km to center of Duc Hoa
- 4 km to Vam Co Dong river
- Hai Son Industrial Park is connected to the important roads such as Highway 1A, Xuyen A highway, Saigon - Trung Luong freeway, Provincial Road 825, 830 ...
- Convenient roa raffic and waterway for transporting goods and supplies from the Industrial park to ports, neighboring provinces and Cambodia.

News & Event
Long An power centre hits delays

The southern province of Long An will put constraints on the technology used in the estimated $5 billion Long An power centre project, even asking the plant for a total fuel source changeover from coal to natural gas in the wake of environmental concerns.
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