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BÁ THIỆN I Industrial Park
INVESTOR: Công ty Cổ phần Phát triển và Kinh doanh Nhà

Address: TPHCM

Phone: (028) 6291 6901

Fax: updating...

Email: [email protected]


Total area
247 ha
Industrial land
153 ha
Factory land
0 ha
Vacant land
0 ha
Time of Operation
About BÁ THIỆN I Industrial Park

Invest in the complete construction of an industrial park, meet the conditions of technical infrastructure, ensure the allowable environmental standards in order to best satisfy the requirements of investors, meet the needs of product development. industrial production of domestic and foreign enterprises; exploit and use available infrastructure to implement the project; create jobs for people in the area and surrounding areas

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KK11 Ba Vi Street, Ward 15, District 10 ,Ho Chi Minh City
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