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Long Thanh Industrial Park
INVESTOR: Long Thanh SONADEZI Joint - Stock Company

Phone: 0643977074 or 061. 3514494 / 3514497

Fax: 061. 3514499

Email: [email protected]


Total area
488 ha
Industrial land
303.35 ha
Factory land
4.1 ha
Vacant land
96.41 ha
Time of Operation
About Long Thanh Industrial Park

Long Thanh industrial park is located in Dong Nai province. Situating on the important transport junction in the Southern key economic zone, has convenient roads, waterways and airlines to attract investment for economic and social development. Aware of this importance, for many past years the communication and transport branch has made incessant efforts and step by step improved the communication system to timely meet economic and social development needs of the province and adjacent areas.


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KK11 Ba Vi Street, Ward 15, District 10 ,Ho Chi Minh City
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