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Amata IP, complex expected to start before Tet
Date: 10/28/2016 10:41:35 PM
The northeastern province of Quang Ninh has asked Thailand’s Amata Group to start constructing the first phase of the high tech industrial park (IP) and township complex before Tet (Lunar New Year) in 2017.

The high tech industrial park (IP) and township complex in the northeastern Quang Ninh Province is expected to start its construction before Lunar New Year of 2017.
The province’s chairman, Nguyen Duc Long, on October 26 held a meeting with the group on the project’s progress.
Amata said it is planned to complete the project at Uong Bi City and Quang Yen Town by 2035.
According to the plan, in the 2016-20 period, under the project, the IP would be built in Quang Yen Town’s Song Khoai Commune. The IP’s detailed plan was submitted to authorities for approval. In addition, Amata would co-operate with the province to submit a proposal to the Prime Minister to change the location of the approved Phuong Nam IP to Song Khoai Commune.
Long hailed the efforts of the group and relevant departments in resolving difficulties.
He said the province had established a special board to implement the project. The board would give support to the investor in completing procedures to shorten time for the start of the construction.
According to the initial plan, the project has a total area of 6,403ha, of which, the Song Khoai IP covers 700ha. The investor has not provided the project’s total investment.
At the previous meeting with the province, the project was valued at US$1.5 to $2 billion when the IP was planned to be located in Phuong Nam Commune.
Amata Viet Nam was established in December 1994 as a joint venture of Amata Corp. PCL and Vietnamese Sonadezi Bien Hoa, a State-owned industrial estate developer in Dong Nai. Till date, they have completed Bien Hoa 1, Bien Hoa 2, and Go Dau IZs.
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