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Geology condition

Hard and stable ground, cost-saving construction of the foundation, the average compressive strength of 1.8 kg/cm2.

Main road system

Main road Cua Heo Binh Loc with width 45m

Internal road system

Width 22-29m

Power supply
The National grid

Supply from the national gridline by Long Khanh Electricity through 22KV transmission line and 110/22KV 2x40MVA transformer station
+ Electricity charge: price offered by Electricity Company of Vietnam for voltage from 22KV to 110 KV:
- Rush hour (18:00 – 22:00) :    VND 1,938 /kWh
- Off peak  (22:00 – 06:00)  :     VND 589 /kWh
- Normal    (06:00 – 18:00)  :     VND 1,023 /kWh
(Prices are exclusive of VAT)
+ Monthly payment

Standby power plant
Water supply

3,000 m3/day

Sewage treatment plant

Wastewater treatment plant with maximum capacity of 5,000 m3/day (the first stage: 1,000 m3/day)
- Wastewater need treated: both sanitary and industrial wastewater
- Chargeable volume is counted at 80% of supplied water volume
- Treatment fee to meet the allowable limits of standards (attached): VND 6,731 /m3
- Standard of water released from the I.Z: QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT
- The above price is only valid at the time of posting (2013).
- All of charges above are not inclusive of VAT.
- Monthly payment.


 ADSL line in Industrial Zone

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