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Hai Duong Province Industrial Parks
Hai Duong Province
Investor: COMA 18 Joint Stock Company
Location: Km 10 Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan, Ha Noi
Land area: 164.98 ha
Investor: Phuc Hung Co. Ltd.
Location: 75 Au Co - Tay Ho - Ha Noi
Land area: 183.96 ha
Investor: Nam Tai International Co. Ltd.
Location: Phu Thai - Kim Thanh - Hai Duong Province
Land area: 0 ha
Investor: Lai Vu One Member Co. Ltd.
Location: Lai Vu - Kim Thanh - Hai Duong Province
Land area: 212.8956 ha
Investor: Kenmark Co. Ltd.
Location: Km47 National Road 5, Tu Minh Ward - Hai Duong City
Land area: 0 ha
Investor: Vietnam Rubber Industry Incorporation
Land area: 700 ha
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Hai Duong Province IP
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