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Leasing workshops in Det May IZ, Dong Nai province
Date: 7/20/2009 6:16:17 PM
One of VIIPIP’s partners has a demand to lease workshops in Det May Industrial zone in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province.

Perspective: Det May IZ, Nhon Trach, Dong Nai.

The IZ is far away about 10km from No. 51 National highway. It is about 6km to the Nhon Trach metropolitan city, about 60km to Tan Son Nhat Airport, 17km to Phu My Port, 20kmto Dong Nai container port, 50km to Vung Tau city and 15km to upcoming Long Thanh International Airport.
The workshops lay on the area with the total area of 120,000m2 which are circled by wall barrier, in and out – gates. The infrastructure is completed, including storm-water drainage system, lightning-arrested system, lighting system, green space…12-meter-wide inside road and transformer meet standards of Industrial Zone. The workshop gate is 4-4.5 meters wide which enable 40 feet container vehicles passing through easily.
There are 2 types of leased workshop areas:
Type 1: Each workshop will be 106m in length, 50m in width and have the area of 5,300m2. Administrative office is located outside the workshop area, 23,2m in length, 6m in width; 278.4m2 in area has 2 floors with enough room for convenient controlling. (The investor could lease half of the workshop area with 100m2 office and 2853m2 workshop areas or an office of 278.4m2 with 2447m2 workshop areas)
Type 2: Each workshop will be 112m in length, 50m in width and have the area of 5,600m2, can be leased for one half or full. Administrative office of 100m2 is located inside the workshop area.
The building standards of each workshop in both types are as following:
- Standard Iron frame of industrial workshop. Iron pole with 8 meter separation, tole roof, brick wall.
- 50-meter width without iron pole.
- Concrete layer with 12cm thickness.
- Wall: 3-meter- high-wall of 20 cm thickness in stone and on top a 4.4 meter high wall in corrugated iron.
- Inside road surrounding and wall surrounding with 7 in and out gates that can access easily by 40 feet container vehicles.
- Fire-hose reel system and lightning-arrested system for all.
* Rental fee: 1.55 USD /m2/month for workshop area.
- The rate  3.3 USD /m2/month for operating building (Type 1) and USD2.6/m2/month for operating building (Type 2), just only having electric lighting system, not including air conditioner and other equipments.
- Infrastructure fees (green area, inside road, drainage, lightning-arrested system, fire-reel hose system…): 0.1 USD/m2/months for total area (trees, base system …)
--> Rental fees above are not including VAT 10%.
For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us:
Investment Promotion Department – Vietnam Industrial Parks InfoGate
Mission Coordinator: Ms. Ai Trieu
Tel: (84-8) 3824 3858/ 3824 3857
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