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Workshops to be leasing at Go Dau B Port, Dong Nai Port system.
Date: 3/23/2010 4:56:35 PM
About 5000 m2 workshops for lease at the Go Dau B Port. Go Dau B is one port in the Dong Nai Port system, Dong Nai province.

Go Dau B is one of  the most very strategic port in the south of Vietnam which is far away from Hochiminh City about 50km to the East, Vungtau City 30km to the West and from the Dong Nai port 30km to the North.

As we can say, this port is extremely advanced for transporting goods manufactured in the area to many main market, such as Hochiminh City, Bienhoa City, Vungtau City, etc.

In the currently, in this area Viip team is managing a workshop ready for leasing. The workshop lays in an area of 5000m2, in which 100m in length and 50m in width. The infrastructure is 100% completed and ready to be used.

Rental fee: 3 USD/ m2 / month.

                      Minimum leasing area is 1000m2

                      Leasing time at least 1 year.

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact us:


Mission Coordinator: Mr. Tran Huu Khoi

Tel: 84 - 8 - 3507 9327 ; email: [email protected]

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