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Binh Duong announces co-operation with Dutch firm
Date: 1/22/2015 10:53:17 AM
The southern province of Binh Duong late last week signed a co-operation agreement with Eindhoven in the Netherlands, opening many opportunities for the province to welcome more investors.


Under the agreement, the two sides will strengthen their relationship as well as co-operation in the fields of planning, infrastructure and urban development, energy, economy, science and technology, health care and education.

Initially, they will focus on activities in science and technology, trade promotion and high-technology. They will set up research and entrepreneur centres and improve human resources.

Speaking to Viet Nam News, Eindhoven’s Deputy Mayor Mary Ann Schreurs said they would initially see what Binh Duong needs and then decide the details.She also revealed that in the autumn of 2015, there would be a business delegation visiting the province to seek investment opportunities.

Along with co-operation between Binh Duong and Eindhoven, Binh Duong’s Becamex IDC Corp signed a co-operation agreement with the latter’s Brainport Development. The two sides will work together in human resources, technology, business and other sectors.

According to Binh Duong’s leaders, the co-operation will support the province’s development and modernisation as Eindhoven is considered a "smart" city that has a well-developed industrial sector with many big companies like Philips and DAF Trucks.

Along with the Netherlands, Binh Duong has developed strong co-operation ties with cities in Laos, Cambodia, China, Italy, South Korea, France and Japan.

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