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Japanese businesses seek investment opportunities in Can Tho
Date: 11/3/2016 9:46:51 PM
The second Vietnam-Japan Cultural and Trade Exchange (Vietnam-Japan Festival) will take place in the Mekong delta city of Can Tho on November 11-13, organizers have told a press conference in the city.

There will be 70 pavilions, 20 of which come from Japan and 50 from Vietnam, to introduce Vietnam and Japan cultures and products.
On display at Japanese pavilions include agricultural products, seeds, lubricant, automobiles, overseas education consultancy, pharmacy, labour export consultancy, consumer goods, souvenirs, gifts, hotels and tourism products.
Meanwhile, Vietnamese pavilions will showcase the country’s special cultural identities like handicrafts, calligraphic pictures, specialities of the western region and Vovinam (Martial Arts of Vietnam).
Visitors to the festival will have an excellent chance to gain better understanding about cultural identities of the two countries.
Two important economic events will be held during the festival. The annual Mekong Delta investment conference will be organized on November 11 with the participation of around 80 foreign organizations and businesses from Japan, Hong Kong, Israel, Australia, the Republic of Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, the UK and the Netherlands and 300 Vietnamese businesses.
A Vietnam – Japan trade exchange conference will be held on November 12 involving 40 Japanese businesses from the fields of agriculture, information technology, hotels, restaurants, production, trade, services, education, health, and information and communications technology.
Art performances will take place during the three-day event with 26 artists from Japan and 103 others from HCM City and Can Tho.
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