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Long An has 1,215 FDI ​​projects with capital of 10,519 million USD
Date: 10/17/2023 8:40:41 AM
In October, Long An Provincial People’s Committee held a press conference to inform about the socio-economic situation in the first 9 months of 2023. Chief of the Provincial People’s Committee Office, spokesperson of the Provincial People’s Committee - Vo Thanh Tri chaired the press conference.

 Reporting at the press conference, Deputy Director of the Department of Planning and Investment - Tran Van Tuoi said that in the first 9 months of 2023, the province’s gross product (GRDP) growth rate is estimated to reach 4.93%. Of which, sector 1 agriculture, forestry and fisheries increased by 3.59%; Industry - construction sector 2 increased by 6.42% and sector 3 trade - service increased by 3.99%.

"In particular, the economic growth rate in the third quarter had a spectacular acceleration of an estimated 7.78%, notably in region II increased by 12.4% over the same period," Mr. Tran Van Tuoi emphasized.

Public investment The Provincial People’s Committee has allocated over 9,828 billion VND. The implementation volume has reached over 6,766 billion VND, disbursed over 6,727 billion VND (reaching 68.33% of the plan). The province is the 3rd locality in the country in terms of high disbursement rate of public investment capital. Projects and investment capital from the socio-economic recovery and development program have disbursed over 318 billion VND (reaching 58.8% of the plan).

“In the first nine months of 2023, investment certificates have been issued for 59 domestic projects, with a total new registered capital of VND 42,495 billion. To date, the province has 2,191 domestic projects with registered capital of over 254,502 billion VND. Foreign investment in the first 9 months of 2023 has issued investment certificates for 82 projects, with newly granted investment capital of 543.5 million USD (an increase of 253.7 million USD). To date, there are 1,215 FDI ​​projects in the province with capital of 10,519 million USD; Of which, 588 projects are in operation, with a total investment capital of 3,624 million USD," Mr. Tran Van Tuoi informed.

In addition, in the first 9 months of 2023, the province successfully organized meetings with diplomatic agencies and business connection conferences; Business associations, businessmen and investors associations and organize many investment promotion activities abroad.

Provincial planning for the period 2021-2030, vision to 2050 was approved by the Prime Minister in Decision No. 686/QD-TTg dated June 13, 2023. Long An is the 10th locality in the country, the first locality in the southern region to have its provincial planning approved by the Prime Minister. At the conference announcing provincial planning and investment promotion, there was the participation of Prime Minister - Pham Minh Chinh and more than 300 businesses and investors.

In addition, the province focuses on performing the task of compensation and site clearance in key areas; Speed ​​up investment in technical infrastructure in industrial zones and clusters; The implementation of 3 key projects and the program to mobilize all resources to build a synchronous transport infrastructure system to serve industrial and urban development of the key economic region has basically achieved the set progress.

As for budget revenue, in the first 9 months of 2023, 13,754 billion VND was collected, reaching 68.23% of the estimate assigned by the province, down 15.98% over the same period, of which domestic revenue was 11,415 billion VND, import and export tax collection was 2,339 billion VND. copper.

At the press conference, many reporters and journalists asked many related questions about the issues of real estate projects being sold without qualified conditions, resulting in complaints and lawsuits; The investor of the Nam Tan Tap Industrial Park project (Can Giuoc district) is slow in paying compensation to people in the area of ​​site clearance, is the compensation price applied to this project appropriate; The construction of townhouses does not comply with regulations in some communes in Can Duoc district and how to handle violations, responsibilities for individuals and organizations; The security and order situation in Thu Thua district has been quite complicated recently, with serious cases occurring...

Thereby, representatives of departments, branches and localities attending the press conference informed, answered and recorded the issues raised.

Many journalists from press agencies inside and outside the province attended the press conference

Many journalists from press agencies inside and outside the province attended the press conference

Representatives of the Department of Information and Communications have summarized some features of information and propaganda work, and outstanding activities of the press that have accompanied the province’s development in all fields and events. last time. At the same time, it also suggests some content and issues that the province is focusing on for journalists from press agencies to learn and exploit for information in the future.

Concluding the press conference, Chief of the Provincial People’s Committee Office - Vo Thanh Tri acknowledged and appreciated the companionship of the press in the development of the province in all fields. In addition to information, image promotion, and outstanding results achieved, the press has informed existing problems and limitations and also contributed solutions, thereby helping sectors, levels, and provincial leaders. promptly grasp to resolve and resolve promptly and quickly.

“Hopefully in the coming time, in the development, the province will always receive support and companionship from press agencies inside and outside the province and reporters and journalists. On the province’s side, we always pay attention to well implementing the provisions of law in providing information to the press and creating favorable conditions for reporters and journalists to work and exchange information", Mr. Vo Thanh Tri emphasize./

(Source:Báo Long An)
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