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Hai Phong reached the target of attracting FDI capital
Date: 10/17/2023 5:18:21 PM
Foreign investment (FDI) attraction in Hai Phong in the past 9 months reached over 3 billion USD, an increase of over 140% over the same period in 2022, exceeding more than 52% of the year plan (year plan from 2 - 2.5 billion USD). The city continues to hold the top position in the country in attracting FDI.


Specifically, only in September 2023, the Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board awarded Investment Registration Certificates to projects with a total investment capital of nearly 1.4 billion USD. In addition, awarded the Investment Registration Certificate to adjust capital increase of 237.5 million USD for the machine and equipment manufacturing project of investor Kyocera Document Solutions Inc (Japan) in the Urban, Industrial and Service Area. VSIP Hai Phong service, bringing the total investment capital of the project to 425 million USD.


Head of the Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board Le Trung Kien said that this investment attraction result is due to the Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board actively promoting investment promotion activities promoting environmental protection. investment school of Hai Phong city.

In particular, right from the beginning of 2023, the Hai Phong Economic Zone Management Board advised the city to organize an investment promotion working group in Korea and Japan. Hai Phong continues to attract investment selectively, actively contacting and closely following the world’s leading corporations in industries and fields that Vietnam prioritizes.

At the same time, Hai Phong will have its own mechanism to promote modern technology projects, with a commitment to technology transfer, spillover effects to industries and fields, market expansion, and supply chain development. , developing human resources for domestic enterprises to participate more deeply in the global value chain.

At the awarding of Investment Registration Certificates for projects at the end of September, a representative of SK Group (Korea) shared that the Group will invest in building a fertilizer material production plant project. Ecovance high-tech biodegradation has a total investment of 500 million USD.

The project has the goal of producing biodegradable materials PBAT, PBS, PBATS on an area of ​​32,089m², land plot CN5.5G2, DEEP C Hai Phong I Industrial Park (belonging to Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Economic Zone). DEEP C Hai Phong I Industrial Park is one of two industrial parks in the city developed according to the ecological industrial park model, aiming for sustainable development and high technology application. 

Phase 1 of the Ecovance high-tech biodegradable materials factory project will begin construction in mid-December 2023 and complete construction in 9 months. The project will contribute to bringing many new, modern, leading technology applications of the world today to the city’s industrial production; Improve the skills of the city’s human resources, form research and development centers and generate budget revenue...

To date, Hai Phong has attracted more than 1,000 FDI projects with a total investment capital of nearly 28 billion USD. In industrial parks and economic zones, 708 projects with a total investment capital of 38.1 billion USD are attracted. In 8 months of 2023, revenue will reach 19.9 billion USD, import-export turnover will reach 14.6 billion USD and budget contribution will be 8.7 trillion VND.

One of the factors leading to success is that Hai Phong has been on the right track in investing in areas capable of attracting FDI, especially focusing on building infrastructure for industrial parks and a number of large infrastructures that can attract FDI. Upland connectivity such as the highway system, seaport system, international airport... has helped Hai Phong make a breakthrough in attracting capital in recent times.

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