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Bac Ninh: Chinese enterprises finished building a new factory for ... license!
Date: 6/4/2020 10:06:40 AM
A Chinese enterprise built "underground" almost finished a factory up to 20,000m2, the authorities discovered.



Que Vo district acknowledged that there was a deficiency in the inspection process, so Chinese enterprises built a series of works without a permit.

Strangely, the factory has just been built ...

According to the reader ’s feedback to the hotline, on May 29, PV Traffic Reporter was present at Chau Phong Industrial Cluster, Que Vo District, Bac Ninh Province and noted, at Lot C-9, C-10 of Industrial cluster, Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd (Yaolong Company, China) has built nearly complete factories, office buildings, fence systems. The system of factories and offices has been mostly painted outside, glazed with finishing. Factory entrance is closed by automatic door system, guarded and guarded to prevent strangers from entering. In addition to the gate and at the wall of the building near the gate, the company name plate in Vietnamese and Chinese has been posted.


According to the research of Traffic Newspaper PV, up to now, Vietnam Yaolong Printing Co., Ltd has built 4 production factories, 1 4-storey office building, 1 warehouse. Currently, the project is completing the construction of 4 factories, 1 office building with 4 floors. The project has a scale of more than 20,000m2, including many items of factory, solid buildings. The total investment is over 115.5 billion dong. All constructions of this factory are not allowed.

Confirming this situation, the representative of Que Vo District People’s Committee said that the district has just issued a decision to sanction administrative violations of Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd. (of Yaolong Company, China) of 40 million dong for building a series of public works. Works without permission.

The People’s Committee of Que Vo district also requested that within 60 days from the date of making the record of administrative violation, Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd. must carry out the procedures to request the competent agency to grant a construction permit. Upon expiry of this period, if Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd. fails to produce construction permits, it will be forced to take measures to demolish the violating works and works according to regulations.

In case of being granted a construction permit, Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd. must dismantle the work, the part of the work that is not in accordance with the granted permit to be able to execute the construction.

Do Covid-19 epidemic should not be detected in time?

Talking to PV Traffic Report, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho, Vice Chairman of Que Vo District People’s Committee acknowledged that there was a deficiency in the inspection process so that Chinese enterprises built a series of works in Chau Phong Industrial Cluster when it was not licensing.


Tens of thousands of m2 of factories are not allowed to do so, but only when the press comes in and they build almost finished and then the authorities discovered and punished, it was really to blame. There must be "something" that tens of thousands of square meters of unlicensed construction can cover the eyes of local authorities, but it is unlikely that this construction will be possible.
Through monitoring the press, I found that the construction of businesses without permission or without permission happened not only in Bac Ninh, recently we also saw in Bac Giang and Hai Phong. If the local government does not take it seriously, it is very likely that foreign businesses are "greasy" with our laws.
Mr. Le Nhu Tien (former Vice Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee for Culture, Education, Youth, Youth and Children)

Explaining the "shortcomings" leading to this quite serious mistake, the Vice Chairman of Que Vo District People’s Committee said that "there is an objective element".

"In part, this happened partly because the investor of the infrastructure of Chau Phong Industrial Complex, Haesung Tech Co., Ltd., did not report to the government when it started the construction of Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd. In addition, the time when Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd started to build "underground" when there was Covid-19 epidemic, we were working at home at that time, so the inspection by the government was not regular, "Mr. Tho said. said and explained further, the side of Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd. built by the method of assembling shaped steel into the corrugated iron so built very quickly.

However, actual records show that these factories and offices are not only built of steel and corrugated iron. Chinese enterprises also allow construction by concrete, bricks and mortar. Therefore, with a factory construction area of ​​up to 20,000m2, the construction process must be long, a large number of construction workers.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Van Tho said that the project of Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd. was built in a remote area so it was difficult to detect. However, acknowledging the reality of the reporter, Chau Long Industrial Cluster is close to NH18 (the traffic density of the vehicle is very crowded). From QL18, one can see clearly all the unlicensed constructions of Yaolong Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Regarding this case, Mr. Nguyen Tien Tai, Director of Bac Ninh Construction Department, said: The management of industrial cluster is under the responsibility of the District People’s Committee. However, when the press reflects the mistake, the Department of Construction will check and ask the People’s Committee of Que Vo district to strictly handle it.

Before this incident, Chairman of Bac Ninh People’s Committee Nguyen Huong Giang requested functional agencies to urgently inspect, handle violations, dismantle violated works and works (if any) as prescribed.

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