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Apple surveyed and considered producing Iphone in Vietnam
Date: 8/3/2020 9:27:28 AM
According to the representative of Luxshare - ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd in Bac Giang, the leader of Apple Group repeatedly went to its factory in Van Trung Industrial Park (Viet Yen district) to check the conditions of manufacturing Iphone phones. . If the plan is implemented, this will be a great opportunity for attracting FDI, creating tens of thousands of high-income jobs.

 Working with reporter Tien Phong , Mr. Tang Due Bang, Foreign Affairs Manager of Luxshare - ICT Vietnam Co., Ltd, said that this group is ranked 20th among the 100 largest companies in China, and is also one of 3 The company produces products (including Iphone phones) for Apple Group.

Last time, directly led Apple Group to this company in Van Trung Industrial Park (Viet Yen district, Bac Giang) to check if it met the requirements of factory, scale, investment capital. .

“The Apple side continually surveyed the workshop of Luxshare -ICT Vietnam Company in Bac Giang on Iphone production conditions. Apple Corporation is impressed by the speed at which our fast (3-month) facility is built here. At the same time, through practical research, Apple highly appreciates the potential in Bac Giang province and hard-working workers, ”Bang said.

Also according to the representative of this company, last year, Luxsahre - ICT Vietnam expanded its production facilities in Quang Chau and Van Trung industrial parks (Bac Giang). Particularly, the factory in Van Trung Industrial Park (about 30 hectares) is built by the company at a fast pace, completed in 5 months from Apple’s request. Apple Group also requires that the company has dormitories for workers near the workplace.

Apple surveyed and considered manufacturing Iphone in Vietnam - Photo 1.

Apple Group is constantly investigating iPhone production conditions at Luxshare - ICT Company in Bac Giang Province

Currently, Luxshare - ICT Vietnam has a total investment of 270 million USD in Bac Giang province, with 28,000 workers, with a salary of 14-19 million / month. If recruiting enough workers on demand, this company must have 50-60 thousand workers. Apple Group requires Luxshare - ICT Company in Bac Giang to meet such a large number of workers.

Mr. Bang added that this company has a huge demand for recruiting workers but Bac Giang province cannot meet the demand, so the company has to go to other provinces to find labor. Therefore, Apple Group considers safety in terms of travel for workers and residences.

“The Apple side comes to carefully check the welfare and safety of workers and put this issue first, especially near the production site. If there is a dormitory for workers, the employees do not have to spend a lot of living expenses and are equipped with air conditioner, water heater, washing machine in the room by Luxshare Company - ICT Vietnam.

According to Mr. Bang, currently, Luxshare -ICT Vietnam Company in Bac Giang has not yet met Apple’s requirements on welfare, dormitories for workers, so when the company can meet these requirements, then Apple will be new. Review Iphone production plans here. The production or not of Iphone in Bac Giang province is decided by Apple Group and choose the location that meets their requirements and efficiency.

Apple surveyed and considered manufacturing Iphone in Vietnam - Photo 2.

Luxsahre - ICT Company in Van Trung Industrial Zone (Viet Yen district, Bac Giang) employs a large number of employees at the request of Apple


In the immediate future, the workshop of Luxshare -ICT Vietnam Company in Van Trung Industrial Park produces wireless headphones and later on in the project goal, it also makes smart watches for Apple.

Currently, Luxshare - ICT Vietnam Company is carrying out the procedures to apply for permission to issue 2 plots outside the industrial park but near the workplace to build dormitories for workers.

“We look forward to being licensed by the authorities in accordance with the law to build dormitories for workers. Bac Giang has many favorable conditions, especially traffic near the border, so we have a tendency to expand and do business here for a long time ”, Mr. Bang suggested.

Mr. Le Tuan Phu, Chief of Office of Bac Giang People’s Committee, said that many international multinational corporations have come to Bac Giang province and had initial contact to learn and plan. Large scale production investment here.

Recently, Hong Hai Group (one of 3 Iphone manufacturing units for Apple) sent a petition to the Government Office, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Planning and Investment on the construction of 3 housing projects for workers. large scale associated with the main production base of this group, including the project in Van Trung commune (near Van Trung Industrial Park in Viet Yen district, Bac Giang). This project has a land use scale of 16.7 hectares and a total investment of about VND 3,400 billion. The group also proposed the Government to invest an additional industrial park of 600 hectares in Luc Nam district (Bac Giang).

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