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Samsung upgraded personnel to operate a giant apparatus in Vietnam
Date: 11/16/2020 5:32:36 PM
Samsung received the investment license of 670 million USD for the first phone factory in Vietnam since 12 years, up to now, the investment capital of the Korean technology company has increased 26 times and export sales accounted for the middle proportion. average 20-25% of the total annual export turnover of Vietnam.

 Samsung became the largest FDI investor in Vietnam with a total announced capital of 17.3 billion USD. Samsung Electronics’ financial statements for 2019 published approximately $ 198 billion in global sales and $ 23.46 billion in profits. In which, the total revenue of factories in Vietnam contributed nearly 70 billion USD - an increase of 3.9% compared to 2018, mainly from the two production zones in Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen, total profit of about 4.5 billion. USD.

In March 2020, Samsung announced the launch of Southeast Asia’s largest research and development (R&D) center located in Hanoi. The investment of $ 220 million for this center is considered by Samsung as an important milestone in the investment journey in Vietnam - which is currently the largest production base in the world by Korean technology corporation.

This center will be the place to realize Samsung’s commitment to contribute to the development of science and technology by training and nurturing talents in the high-tech sector of Samsung.

Currently more than 130,000 employees are working in factories of Samsung Vietnam

Currently more than 130,000 employees are working throughout these factories. With such a huge and rapidly growing staff size, the biggest concern for the Korean electronics company is to have quality human resources to meet production requirements.

In order to operate a huge production apparatus in Vietnam, Samsung always values ​​the consciousness of its employees and encourages them to work based on global principles and standards of human resources.

Mr. Sung Geun Park, Deputy General Director in charge of foreign affairs of Samsung Vietnam, said that the entity that can overcome a crisis and build success is people. Although each country has a different culture and achievement, the human factor is the same.

In fact at Samsung, the human development philosophy is to create a working environment where the world’s top talent can develop their best. Samsung’s value system always relies on talent and technology to create the best products and services, contributing to social development.

The training of regional experts is seen as lifeline for Samsung globally.

Up to this point, Samsung has trained nearly 500 regional experts, of which there are 125 regional experts working in Vietnam. A flexible mindset and a degree of cultural openness to the host country are one of the key thoughts to becoming a regional expert at Samsung.

Mr. Sung Geun Park said that the training and retraining of Vietnamese personnel is no less important than training Korean people. Typically personnel trained for about 1 year in Korea involve various soft skills. Even employees are trained in product creation and start-up support. If after a year that the startup fails, the personnel can still return to work at Samsung.

"We want them to be more creative to contribute to launching new competitive products," said Sung Geun Park.

Despite setting up training programs globally, in order to integrate with the local culture and help improve the quality of human resources and partner enterprises to meet development requirements, Samsung must seek appropriate training program.

Recently, Samsung Multicampus - a human resource training and consulting company, affiliated to Samsung Group and MVV Entrepreneurship Academy of Vietnam, signed a strategic cooperation agreement to support team capacity building. human resources, belonging to the Vietnamese business community.

Sharing the reasons for cooperation, Mr. Son said that the two sides share a common vision in the field of talent development, as well as the application of technological advances in training. Currently, MVV has about 600 courses with more than 1,000 different training content, while Samsung Multicampus side most of the courses are in Korean language, not necessarily suitable for Vietnamese people and Vietnamese environment.

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