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Lam Dong: Launching Dau Giay - Lien Khuong Expressway
Date: 5/19/2021 10:50:00 AM
Two highway projects Dau Giay - Tan Phu and Tan Phu - Bao Loc will help transport from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat only 3 hours.


On March 12, a representative of the Ministry of Transport said that the Thang Long Project Management Board had submitted to the Ministry for consideration the pre-feasibility study report of the Dau Giay - Tan Phu expressway project. This is one of three component projects of the Dau Giay - Lien Khuong expressway construction investment project.

Dau Giay - Tan Phu expressway project has the first point of intersection with National Highway 1 at km1829+500, coincides with the end point of Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway, about 2.7 km from Dau Giay junction to the North. (in Xuan Thanh commune, Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province); the end point is at km59+594, intersecting National Highway 20 at km69+400, in Phu Trung commune, Tan Phu district, Dong Nai province.


The route is about 59 km long, has a scale of 4 lanes according to highway standards of class A, and a design speed of 100 km/h. Total investment in phase one is VND 6,619 billion.

The Dau Giay - Lien Khuong Expressway will connect with the existing Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway.  Photo: Quynh Tran.

Dau Giay - Lien Khuong Expressway will connect with the current Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay Expressway. Photo: Quynh Tran


Thang Long project management board also proposed to invest in the form of PPP, type of BOT contract, the state supports about 1,300 billion VND. If approved, the competent state agency will select investors from the fourth quarter of this year, starting in the fourth quarter of 2022 and completing in the first quarter of 2025.

Last week, Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee also proposed the Ministry of Planning and Investment to appraise the pre-feasibility study report of Tan Phu (Dong Nai) - Bao Loc (Lam Dong) expressway . This is the second project of the Dau Giay - Lien Khuong Expressway Construction Project.

According to the pre-feasibility study, the route is 67 km long, passing through Dong Nai province (Tan Phu district) about 11 km and Lam Dong province about 56 km. The first point connects with the Dau Giay - Tan Phu expressway project, the end point is at km126, intersecting with Nguyen Van Cu street, Bao Loc city, Lam Dong.

The project has a road bed width of 22 m with 4 lanes, 2 emergency stop lanes, safety strip, long separator. In the first phase to 2025, the road foundation will be 13.5 m wide with 2 lanes, phase 2 will widen the road 22 m with 4 lanes. Total preliminary investment in phase one is about 16,408 billion dong, of which state and local capital is 6,500 billion dong, and investors’ mobilized capital is 9,908 billion dong.

Mr. Tran Van Hiep, Chairman of Lam Dong Provincial People’s Committee, said that the Dau Giay to Lien Khuong expressway has been the dream of Lam Dong people for many years. The completed sections of the Dau Giay - Tan Phu, Tan Phu - Bao Loc expressways will contribute to changing the economic and social face of Lam Dong province, shortening the travel time from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Lat only 3 hours instead of 3 hours. because over 6 hours like now. The expressway will also reduce the load on National Highway 20.

The Dau Giay - Lien Khuong - Da Lat expressway is 208 km long with a scale of 4 lanes, in the development plan of Vietnam’s expressway network until 2030. Currently, a section from Lien Khuong to Da Lat city Lat about 19 km has been completed.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport has assigned agencies to prepare pre-feasibility study reports for component projects in the following sections: Dau Giay - Tan Phu 60 km long, Tan Phu - Bao Loc 67 km long, Bao Loc – Lien Khuong is 73 km long, proposes to use part of the state support capital in the medium-term public investment plan for the period 2021-2025.

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