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For Ha Tinh seaport to develop worthy (Investment Vietnam)
Date: 11/18/2021 10:42:05 AM
Despite having outstanding advantages to invest in a deep-water port, until now, Ha Tinh province has not yet invested and built a worthy logistics center to become an important link in the chain of shipping routes. global transport and make Ha Tinh become a key transport hub of the country.

2021, the Prime Minister signed Decision 1579/QD-TTg approving the master plan on development of Vietnam’s seaport system in the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050 to push investment Vietnam. This is the time. for Ha Tinh to look back on the picture of the province’s seaport development and services compared to the region and the whole country. From there, coordinate with ministries, departments and branches to urgently plan detailed synchronously to "lay the nest" to welcome "eagles" to invest. 

"Thinking of me in you"

Ha Tinh is one of the localities with the longest coastline in the country. Especially, Son Duong Bay area with a natural depth of 15 to 22 m, without sedimentation, is an ideal condition for developing an international transshipment deep-water port system. 

According to the assessment of former Deputy Minister of Transport (Transportation) Nguyen Nhat, our country has two areas, Van Phong Bay (Khanh Hoa) and Son Duong Bay (Ha Tinh), which are eligible to build a deep-water port. meet the reception of large container ships to transship import and export goods of Vietnam and the region to the world. In addition, the location of Vung Ang - Son Duong deep-water port is very close to international maritime routes, much more convenient than some other ports.

Thanks to natural conditions for a deep-water port, Ha Tinh has attracted many large international and domestic corporations to invest in the fields of seaports, metallurgy, electricity... with a registered capital of more than 13 billion USD. 

Regarding the seaport system, after more than 20 years of developing deep-water ports, Ha Tinh now has two wharves and 15 wharves in operation with the volume of cargo through the port in 2020, reaching nearly 32 million tons/year, equal to 15 million tons/year. 4.6% nationwide. Son Duong port has received specialized ships of 200,000 DWT; Vung Ang welcomes ships of 30,000 - 50,000 DWT general and specialized. Vung Ang Port has a domestic container route of 4,000 Teu.     

For Ha Tinh seaport to develop worthy of -0
Son Duong - Vung Ang port can receive ships with a tonnage of 300 thousand tons. 

Recently, businessman Pham Nhat Vuong has studied the investment in Son Duong deep-water port and a chain of factories producing components, batteries for electric vehicles and electric cars for export. This is an extremely right investment direction, thanks to the deep-water port, investors can export goods directly to the US and EU with the lowest cost of seaport services and logistics, creating favorable conditions for goods competition. best chemistry. 

According to some experts, with outstanding advantages and cherished expectations, the results achieved are still not happy. General economic zone, multi-sector, multi-field like Vung Ang is still mainly project of cast iron, thermal steel, petroleum, etc. Over the past 10 years, Ha Tinh has not attracted more investment projects. what a big one. The focus on investment and development of a general seaport system and a logistics service system is still very limited and has not been given due attention. 

20 years ago, on 8/3/2001, the Ministry of Transport and Ha Tinh inaugurated and officially put wharf 1 (Vung Ang port) into operation, allowing ships from 25,000 to 30,000 DWT to make goods. At that time, only Hai Phong and Quang Ninh ports allowed ships of 10,000 DWT; Cua Lo port with less than 10 thousand DWT for cargo handling. Nghi Son port is not on the map of Vietnam’s seaports... 

But 20 years later, Vung Ang general port put into operation one more wharf, wharf 2 with a total length of more than 400 meters; Wharf 3 and 4 have not been completed for 5 years. The system of logictics is... stamping its feet in place. Every year, the amount of goods cleared at Vung Ang general port is only around 4 to 5 million tons/year, mainly wood chips, minerals...  

Even the seaport in Thanh Hoa, although the investment in the system is slow and after Ha Tinh, so far, Nghi Son port has 12 general ports, with a length of nearly three kilometers, welcoming ships to reduce load 70,000 DWT to eat goods. ; In 2020, the volume of goods through Nghi Son port will reach nearly 42 million tons and tens of thousands of containers. The logistics system here develops quite quickly and synchronously, connecting both regionally and internationally. 

Soon, coordinate to deploy detailed detailed coastal planning

So what does Ha Tinh need to do to create a breakthrough in seaport services - shipping, logistics serving not only the North Central region, the northern provinces of our country, but also Laos and Northeast Thailand. and southern China (connected via the Yunnan - Vientiane railway and the Vientiane - Hanoi expressway).

The Resolution of the 13th National Congress of Deputies identified three strategic breakthroughs, including the breakthrough “Building a synchronous and modern infrastructure system in both economy and society; prioritize the development of a number of key national projects on traffic and climate change adaptation” and set the goal of developing transport infrastructure one step ahead to promote socio-economic development. of the country.

Along with that, the Resolution of the 19th Provincial Party Congress (term of 2021-2025) has determined that the logistics and port service center is one of the four pillars for development; master plan on economic and social development with a vision to 2050.

According to the master plan on development of Vietnam’s seaport system in the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050 approved by the Prime Minister on September 23, 2021, seaport exploitation plans and projects must comply with the detailed planning of seaports drawn up and approved by the Ministry of Transport.  

In addition, the detailed planning of the underwater part (channels, seaports) is implemented by the Ministry of Transport; The detailed planning on the shore, the technical infrastructure system (transportation, logistics, etc.) of land use is implemented by the province. Therefore, Ha Tinh province needs to immediately start implementing the detailed planning of Son Duong and Vung Ang port areas because only when there are enough detailed plans of the province in combination with ministries and branches, businesses can feel secure to start. private. 

Along with that, the locality needs to prioritize resources, call for investment in building a logistics zone worthy of being a center with fully integrated functions, a package of services of a large logistics center of the region and the whole world. water. Including goods serving components (unloading, storage, preliminary processing, packaging, labeling, quality control, distribution, handling...); transportation services, forwarding, brokerage and chartering; repair and maintenance of loading and unloading vehicles, supply and repair of containers... in order to attract both domestic and foreign goods to export directly to markets... At the same time, focus on calling for secondary investors. worthy investment in industrial park infrastructure as a driving force for development. 

To realize this goal, first of all, the locality needs to focus heavily on site clearance and human resource training, especially promoting administrative reform with the motto "open province, supporting department, local companion". 

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