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Khanh Hoa Province Industrial Parks
Khanh Hoa Province

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Land area (2008): 5.198 sq. km

Population (2008): 1.134 thousand

GDP growte:

  • 2006: 10.4%
  • 2007: 11%
  • 2008: 11.3%

Infractructure: Cam ranh and Nha Trang airports; Nha Trang , Hon Khoi and Ba Ngoi seaports ; favourable transport network including National Highway No. 1A and North South railway, national highway No. 26 linking with Daklak ang highland provinces

+ Potentials and develoment advantages

  • 385km long coastline, nearly 100 km which is white sand beaches; a lot of oeninsulas and large reserves such as silica sand, grannite, coral, mineral resources with relatively large reserves such as silica sand, granite, coral, mineral water spring...
  • Tourist sites including Hon Mun marine reserve, Hon Ba mountain, Panagar tower, Dien Khanh ancient citadel, Yersin tomb, Duc My hot water spring, Giang Bay waterfall, Tien sping, Hon Tre, Tri Nguyen islands, many beaches Nha trang, Bai Dai, Dai Lanh, Doc Lech and Van Phong - Nha Trang in one of the world’ 29 most beautiful bays..
  •  Exploitation and processing of seafood and mineral water, development of tourism, shipbuilding industry; production of mineral water, salt, glassmaking; develoment of sea transport...


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