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ĐĂK LĂK Industrial Parks

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Land area (2008): 13.085 sq. km

Population (2008): 1.706 thousand

GDP growte:

  • 2006: 9.1%
  • 2007: 17.32%
  • 2008: 11.27%

Infractructure: Buon Me Thuot airport(with daily flifhts to Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi), National highways No. 14, No. 26 and No. 27 linking DakLak with neighbouring provinces

+ Potentials and develoment advantages

- More than 600 thousand hectares of forest area with many kinds of special timber. race and precious aminals mentioned in world Red book; nearly 350 thousand hectares of basalt red soil area suitable for cultivation of industrial crops such as coffee, rubber, pepper, cashew, cotton..; Diversified mineral resources including lead, fentpas, peat, gemstone, kaolin, phosphorus, gold; River and waterfall system with potential for hydroelectricity development.


- Tourist sites: Yok Don nature reserve, Lak river, Bao Dai royal palace, Dray Nu, Thuy Tien waterfalls, BuonDon resort (elephant village of local ethnic minority, chain bridge...)


- Processing of agro - forestry products; construction of hidroelectric plants; afforestation and cultivation of industrial crops; cattle breeding; development of eco - tourism.

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Singapore giants poured more than 2,200 billion to build two wind power plants in Dak Lak

VNM Investment Company Limited (Singapore) has just been approved by the People’s Committee of Dak Lak province to invest in the construction of two wind power plants with a total capacity of 70 MW, with an investment of more than VND 2,210 billion.
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