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Quang Ngai Province Industrial Parks
Quang Ngai Province

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Land area (2008): 5.137,6 sq. km

Population (2008): 1.302 thousand

GDP growte:

  • 2006: 12.3%
  • 2007: 134%
  • 2008: 11.61%

Infractructure: Next Chu Lai airport; Dung Quat and Sa Ky deep seaport  National highway No. 1A, Ho Chi Minh road and north - south railway crossing the province

+ Potentials and develoment advantages

  • 130km long coastline and 2.800 sq. km of territorial waters with many  kinds of valuable seafood;  38 sq. km of water surface for aquaculture; plentiful  mineral resources such as grannite, kaolin, simimanit, silica sand, etc. Forest land occuupies 2/3 of the province’s total land area with many kinds of precious timber
  • tourist sites: Ly Son island, Thien An Niem Ha, Thien But Phe Van mountains, Co Thon ancient ramoart, Sa Huynh cultural and archaeologycal site, Son My relics, Chau Sa ancient citadel...
  • Development of oil refinery - petrochemical industry; expleitation and processing of minerals, seafood; development of resorts; cultivation and processing of industrial crops (sugar - canes, cinnamon - trees)...
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