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Phu Yen Province Industrial Parks
Phu Yen Province

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Land area (2008): 5.045,3 sq. km

Population (2008): 896.76 thousand

GDP growte:

  • 2006: 11.9%
  • 2007: 13.3%
  • 2008: 12.3%

Infractructure: Tuy Hoa airport; vung Ro seaport; A relatively favourable transportation system including natinonal highway No. 1A, No. 25 and provincial highway No. 645 connecting Tuy Hoa with Gia Lai, DakLak and Northeastern Combodia, Southern Laos in future; North South railway(120 km) A railway route to Buon Me Thuot city with be built.

+ Potentials and develoment advantages

- Coastline of 189 km with more than 500 kinds seafood, 35 kinds of which are with high economic value and total production output of 35.600 tons/year; orve 2,700 hectares of lagoons bays, estuaries localted in the seaside avaible for development of aquaculture; 165.915 hectares of forest land area; 142.688 hectares of with is natural forest with the total wood reserves of 16 million cubic meters; 209.63 sq. km of artificial forest and 65.000 hectares of waiting land using for the afforestation for materials and industrial plants. Diversified mineral resources including diatomite, granite, gold, hot and mineral water springs...

- Tourist sites: Krong - Trai national nature reserve, Cu Mong, O Loan lagoons, Xuan Dai Bay.

 - Rearing, growing and processing of orho - forestry and aquatic products; exploitation and processing of minerals; Ecological tourism; production and processing of salt, shipbuilding...

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Phu Yen calling for more FDI projects

The authorities of Phu Yen province are calling for more foreign investors to come to seek investment opportunities in tourism and high-tech agriculture at a pre-Tet meeting with foreign businesses, experts and volunteers in on February 1.
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