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Sóc Trăng Industrial Parks

There are roadway and waterway in Soc Trang. Roads passing Soc Trang province include National Road 1A, National Road 60, South Hau river national road, Quan Lo – Phung Hiep route. These are key traffic lines connecting Soc Trang to other cities and provinces in Mekong Delta. Soc Trang has 72 km coastal line, Hau river with three river mouths in Dinh An, Tran De and My Thanh, and many channels to form a convenient waterway system. The Tran De port has capacity of 240,000 ton/year.

  Economic Situation

In recent years Soc Trang province's economy has grown continuously. Total GDP of the province increases averagely 11.33% per year. Economic struture has shifted toward gradually increasing the ratio of industry and service sector and decreasing the ratio of agriculture sector. According to the development plan of socio – economy of Soc Trang province for the period 2010 – 2015, the province sets its targets to reach an average annual growth rate of 12 – 13%; GDP per capita in 2015 of over 1,800 USD; whereas, speeding the capital mobilization to invest in the development of infrastructure works such as transportation, electriccity, port, telecommunication system, ect.

  Tổng quan
Diện tích: 3.311.7629 km2 Dân số: 1.308.100 (2010) Vị trí địa lý: Phía bắc và tây bắc giáp Hậu Giang, phía nam và tây nam giáp tỉnh Bạc Liêu, phía đông bắc giápVĩnh Long và Trà Vinh, phía đông và đông nam giáp biển 72 km.Tỉnh Sóc Trăng nằm ở cửa Nam sông Hậu, cách thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 231km, cách Cần Thơ 62km.
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