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Tien Giang Province Industrial Parks
Investment Guide
Industrial Parks and Export Processing Zones Authority (IPs and EPs Authority)
1.      Location Selection
Location selection and then to sign land lease contract or factory lease/purchase contract.
2.      Establishment of Investment Project Proposal
Investor, by himself, implements on building the investment project proposal.
3.      Issuance of Investment License
-          Projects under the responsibility of the PM approval, the documentation required is:
a)      Request of Investment License Issuance
b)      Notarized copy of company/organization’s Establishment Decision or Business Registration Certificate or equivalent documents; Notarized copy of Identification card or passport (or legally notarized document of a person)
c)      Report of financial capacity of the investor (made by investor and be legally responsible of the report fidelity)
d)      Cooperation contract for investment type resulting from forming an economic joint-venture between domestic and foreign investors
e)      Economic and technical report (includes: Objective, Scale of busniness, location, Investment capital, Project Implementation Progress, land usage need, and solution on environment and technology)
No. of copy:          Original copy: 1 set    &         Copy: 10 sets
Duration: 20 working days
Contact: Investment Department of IPs and EPs Authority

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Tien Giang Province IP
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