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Cần Thơ Industrial Parks

Can Tho City is located in the central-lower basin and at the centre of Mekong River Delta Region,lengthened in 55km along Western Bank of Hau River with total area of 1,401.60km2, accounting for 3.49% of total area of the region.

  Natural conditions

Geographical location:

Adjacent to the provinces:

  • An Giang province in the North
  •  Hau GIang in the South
  •  Dong Thap province in the East
  •  Kien Giang province in the West.


1.401,61 km²



The average population: 1.200.300 people (2011)



 Can Tho City has two seasons of rain and dry seasons.

The rain season lasts from May to September.

From December to April the following year is the dry season.

 The average temperature: 27 º C.



Geography, topography and geology of the city includes 3 forms: Natural dike along Hau River, semi-open flooding fields and river delta fields. The common altitude is from +0.8 – 1m, lower from the East-North to West-South. The region is mainly formed from the accumulation of sea deposit and alluvium from Mekong River.


  Transport infrastructures


The whole city has 2,762.84km of road with the density of 2.3km/km2 (exchiding commune, hamlet roads, the whole city has 698.548km of road with the density of 0.5km/km2).


The network of waterway systen in the city has total length of 1,157km, in which approximately 619km with enough capacity for means of transportation with capacity of from 30 tons or higher (normal depth is >2.5m).

The system of ports of Can Tho were upgradeed including CanTho Port (Hoang Dieu Port) which can receive vessels with the capacity of 10,000 to 20,000 DWT; Tra Noc Port with 3 big stores with capacity of 40,000 tons which can ensure the clearance of 200,000 tons of goods per year and can receive vessels with capacity of 2,500 DWT. Cai Cui Port is a newly constructed port  which can serve vessels with capacity of from 10,000 to 20,000 DWT, and the capacity for clearing 4.2 million tons off goods through the port per year.


Can Tho airport is the biggest airport in the Mekong River Delta region which has been officially operated for commercial exploitation of dsomestic flights since 03/01/2009 and international flights shall be openned for exploitation at the end of 2010.

  Economic situations

Total revenue in 2011 reached 7552.8 billion. Gross domestic product (GDP) of Can Tho city is 32351.5 billion. Average economic growth rate of 5 years was 15.5%, per capita income in  2011 was $ 2,350. Can Tho is the center of economy, culture, education and training, important clues about local transportation and international shipping of the Mekong Delta and the country. In the ranking of provincial competitiveness index of Vietnam in 2011, Can Tho City, ranked at No. 14/63 provinces.

  Contact and Links

Department of Planning and Investment

Address: 61/ 21 Ly Tu Trong, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Phone: (071) 3830235

Fax: (071) 3830570

Email: [email protected]



Department of Natural Resources - Environment

Address: 09 Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ninh Kieu District,, Can Tho

Phone: 0710.3822751

Fax: 0710.3826838

Email: [email protected]



Management of IP

Address: 105 Tran Hung Dao, Tan Phu Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Phone: (0710) 3830773

Fax: (0710) 3830773

Email: [email protected]



People's Committee of Can Tho

Address: 02 Hoa Binh, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho

Phone: 080.71165

Fax: 080.71182

Email: [email protected]



Cần Thơ IP
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